5 Expert Tips to Sell Your Home Quick & For Top Dollar

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by Cynthia Chavoustie

5 Expert Tips to Sell Your Home Quick & For Top Dollar in Colorado

It’s true, the Denver Metro area south to Castle Rock (and pretty much nationwide) is still in a seller’s market which is music to sellers’ ears. 

But it doesn’t mean you can just put a for sale sign in your yard and get the offer you want as quickly as you want. 


Here are 5 Tips to Sell Your Home Quick & For Top Dollar


1. Do Some Prep Work

Once your house is listed for sale, the “Days on Market” timer starts ticking. So when you list your house, make sure your house is ready to show and sell because the longer your home sits, the more buyers will start to wonder if something’s wrong with it and they will start to wonder if they can get away with a low offer. 

If you really want to impress homebuyers, consider getting a pre listing home inspection. If you get a home inspection done first, you’re not likely to be surprised with a list of repairs that the buyers’ inspection comes up with and you won’t be under the gun to fix things fast before closing. Having a pre listing inspection puts you in control, giving you time to get things fixed and shop around for the best price. Additionally, it takes away another opportunity to lower their offer price. 

You may not have to take as much time prepping as in the past (homebuyers are a little more accepting currently of minor home improvements, etc…) but be sure to take the time to make the house look presentable. It will pay off with multiple high offers, leading to a quick sale and happy you. 

Some simple way to prep your home for sale include:

  • Get ahead of repair requests with a pre listing inspection.
  • Minimize personal items and store unneeded furniture and clothes.
  • Neutralize any odors to make sure the home smells fresh and inviting.


2. Focus on Curb Appeal

This goes along with number 1 and if you really don’t have time for any other prep of your house, at minimum focus on curb appeal. Many buyers will literally turn around and not even come in your house if the it looks awful on the outside. So take some time to clean up and improve the appearance of your house on the outside. Top real estate agents agree that improving curb appeal is the #1 thing a homeowner can do to boost their marketability and add dollar value to the sale of their home. 

Some Basic Yard Care that can make a Big Difference:

  • Keep the lawn mowed
  • Pull and kill any weeds
  • Powerwash dirt, grime, and cobwebs from the entrance
  • Trim your trees and shrubs 
  • Add fresh mulch to landscaping
  • Consider a fresh coat of paint on the front door 


3. Staging 

Home staging is the practice for showing off a home in its best light with furniture and decor that fits the space in order to spark buyers’ imaginations and help them see themselves in the space (not visualize you still in it). 

Your prep work of cleaning and decluttering will get your house in the right condition to stage it. Home stagers can be hired to fill in the rest. They often have furniture they store and use for this specific purpose or they may help you find the best way to arrange your current furniture and décor to best attract buyers. At this point, it’s all about getting buyers to see themselves in the home and be motivated to put in an offer. Top realtors agree staging will always increase the sale price of the home.



4. Choose a real estate agent who is worthy of your business

There always seems to be an agent in the family or an acquaintance from church that dabbles in real estate and while it seems ideal to work with someone you know and like, if you really care about selling your home for top dollar and in the least amount of time with the least amount of headaches and work on your part, it’s best to go with someone who is experienced and will work hard to sell your home. 

Think about it, your friends and family didn’t really do anything to earn your business, you’re thinking of going with them only because you know them and if they’re doing it for a lower commission, they likely don’t have a huge incentive to put in the long hours of marketing or searching for your next home. 

Research potential agents, their background, their team, read reviews, and interview a few to see who may be the right match for you. 

An agent will be your partner in this very emotional process and you want one who is trustworthy, who understands your wants/needs and is experienced in handling these types of important transactions.

We are that type of agent. 

You can count on our agents to walk through this process with you, give you the advice you need, be by your side at every step from pre-listing to close (and beyond!) 

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