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Buying a home is an exciting experience, but it easily makes the list as one of the more stressful life events we go through as adults. We’re here to help reduce that stress.

If you are looking to buy in the Denver Metro area, you have probably already realised that it’s a hot, hot market for sellers and buyers are not having an easy run at it. It can be discouraging and disheartening, likened much to the dating game – ugh, my stomach just turned, did yours? BUT, hold on, don’t get dismayed. 


Here are a few tips on how to get your offer accepted during this seller’s market. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 strategies that will help your offer stand out from others and increase your chances of getting accepted.

1. GET PRE-APPROVED for a loan 

Unless you can offer cash (see tip #2), get pre-approved for a loan and provide proof with your offer. Pre-approval isn’t a full commitment loaning entity but it does show that a bank or mortgage company has preliminarily reviewed your credit and believes you will qualify for a loan up to a certain amount. If you cannot get pre-approved at this time, I’m sorry to say but you will not be even considered in today’s market here – if this is the case, take time to focus on your credit, you can get there and your time will come.

2. OFFER CASH if you have it.

Nothing gets those home sellers hearts a-skipping like a cash offer with proof of funds. If anything can make you jump to the head of the line, a cash offer will. Think you have it? Start organizing your funds and have your bank provide you with a statement of funds as proof.


1%–2% of the asking price is the typical amount offered in earnest money. However, if you want to show the sellers that you are serious, you can offer more earnest money because remember, earnest money is potentially at risk if the deal falls through. So if your offer is accepted, you need to be confident in your ability to uphold your end of the process (financing primarily). We can also work with you to make sure you have contingencies in place to cover you in case you decide to back out later so you don’t lose all of your money. 


Sometimes well above asking price. $25-30K above asking is not uncommon but of course depends on the specific price range you’re looking, etc… be sure to ask your realtor about what homes in your price range and area sold for compared to what they were listed for.


A well networked agent who communicates well with the listing agent can make or break the deal. Good communication skills of a realtor can help you find out the motives of the seller which in turn can help you tailor your offer to better suit their needs or desires. For example, if the seller hasn’t a home to buy yet, allowing them to stay in the home for 30 or 60 days after closing may make your offer stand out.


What to do if your offer is not accepted?


While home prices are at record highs, internet rates are still relatively low.

Other things to keep in mind:

Keep Emotions in Check

Trust us, we know how easy it is to get excited about a house you can see yourself and your family in but until those keys are in your hands on closing day, you have to see it as just a house not a home yet. Don’t get too attached too soon, you’re just asking for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and you’re likely to give up or end up rushing into something you would have otherwise.

Keep Looking 

Stay focused and remember the task at hand. If you need a home, you need to keep your head in the game and keep an eye out for other potential homes. You may still be dreaming about “the one that got away” but you’d be surprised at how many other options are out there.

Keep an Open Mind

Consider other areas to buy your new home. If you limit your search area to only one part of town you are likely missing out on great neighborhoods that you have never discovered. There may be amazing neighborhoods that check off many, if not, all of your boxes that you are unaware of. Many buyers end up very happy in neighborhoods they never knew existed. Check out our list of communities to learn more about neighborhoods in the Denver Metro area.


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